354003 Russian Federation, Sochi, Plastunskaya st, 94, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , +7 862 2682949

  • Rector’s Welcome Letter to International Students

     Igor V. Gaidamashko

    Igor V. Gaidamashko associate professor, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Acting Rector of Sochi State University, academician of RAO.

  • Faculty of Economics and Law

    Faculty of Economics and Law
    Address: Office 304/1,
    94 Plastunskaya St.,
    Sochi, 354003
    Telephone: (862) 268-38-23
    E-mail: fep_sgu@mail.ru

  • Faculty of Innovative, Engineering and Digital Technologies

    Faculty of Innovative, Engineering and Digital Technologies

    Address: Office 307, 7 Politekhnicheskaya St, Sochi, 354008, Telephone: (862) 253-08-25

  • International Relations and Cooperation

    International cooperation in Sochi University has always been one of the main priorities as an integral part of the development strategy. SSU carries out a variety of international programs

  • Faculty of social studies and pedagogics

    Faculty of Social Studies and Pedagogics
    Address: Office 201/1, 94 Plastunskaya St.,
    Sochi, 354003, Telephone /fax: (862) 268-31-05
    E-mail: dekanat_spf@mail.ru

  • Story of success of Colin Fain

    Story of success of Colin Fain

    I arrived in Sochi in February of 2010 from Colorado in the USA. My first impression was made when my airplane landed

  • Story of success of Barbara and Stefanie

    Story of success of Barbara Hendler and  Stefanie Kamleitner

    To introduce ourselves: We are Barbara Hendler and Stefanie Kamleitner, both 20 years old

  • Story of success of Felix Tournier

    Story of success of Felix Tournier

    The reason why I came to Sochi is linked with my university background in France. I study foreign languages in the University of Savoie

  • Story of success of Kieran Quigley

    Story of success of Kieran Quigley

    Kieran Quigley is my name, I am a student from DKIT Dundalk Institute of Technology University Ireland

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